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A coin goes into a glass jar. Saving money by Streamlining Process

Jun 8, 2022

Streamlining your Inventory to Save Money

Discover how advanced manufacturing can revolutionize inventory management for industrial enterprises. Learn how 3DChimera can assist with CAD, 3D printing, and post-processing, enabling you to become your own supplier and optimize production processes.
Is 3D Printing really

Apr 20, 2022

Is 3D Printing really "green manufacturing"?

One of the calls from the advanced manufacturing industry is to embrace 3D printing, and its opportunity to reduce waste, so we wanted to take a look and see where the industry is headed. The answer is….
FFF: Design for Printing - 3DChimera

Jul 11, 2019

FFF: Design for Printing

As with all manufacturing processes, you will come across some limitations in terms of what designs are suitable for 3D printing. That being said, we are capable of printing extremely complex...
FFF: Nozzle Sizes Demystified - 3DChimera

Aug 29, 2018

FFF: Nozzle Sizes Demystified

Nozzles can be a confusing topic in 3D printing, mainly because it feels intuitive that a smaller nozzle sizes would provide for a better finish.  This is simply not true. When thinking about nozzle size there are really 2 things to consider...
FFF: How to Combat Curling - 3DChimera

May 4, 2018

FFF: How to Combat Curling

That’s not cool. Your part keeps curling, doesn’t it? Can’t quite get it to stick? Maybe it came off the buildplate entirely—you’ve had it. We get it. Once we came back to a twelve-hour print of a topographic map of the US where Florida was well above sea level.

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