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Art & Sculpture

With Art Basel in our backyard here in Miami, FL the team at 3DChimera has worked on our fair share of sculpture projects with artists from all across the world. 

Sometimes the artist is looking to 3Dscan their sculpture to archive it prior to sale or to have the ability to build the part at a different scale in the future.  Other times, the artist we are working with incorporate 3D printed parts right into their finished artwork!


3D Scanning

The high precision 3D scanning equipment at 3DChimera is perfect for capturing sculptures as it has an accuracy up to +/- 50 microns!  Here are some examples of 3D Scanning projects we have worked on for Sculptors and Artists:





3D Printing

The team at 3DChimera is well versed in 3D design tools and can work with an artist to help develop their vision in 3D.  Other times, we are simply here as a service to bring a 3D file to life with 3D printing.

Here are some examples of 3D Printing projects we have worked on for Sculptors and Artists:














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