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Bring 3D Tools to Your Business

It's a big investment, here's why we think you should jump in!

At 3DChimera, we know the investment of time, money, space and bandwidth that adding 3D technology to your workflow entails.  The tools encompass not just 3D printing, but also 3D scanning and 3D CAD software.  We anticipate, as technology develops and the market dynamics continue to evolve around accepting these manufacturing techniques, that these 3D tools will become more complex, interesting and integral to your business.

Here are the top reasons we think business should consider investing in advanced manufacturing:

  • reduce your prototyping costs
  • eliminate tooling costs
  • reduce inventory stock
  • increase efficiency in your production line
  • expand manufacturing capabilities
  • speed your product to market
  • offer customized products
  • complete disrupted supply chains
  • green your manufacturing

 You may not be ready to start today, but what about your competitors?


Why 3DChimera?

  • Consultative Approach - you have questions, we have answers based on real world experience
  • Price Match Guarantee - we will meet or beat any competitor's price, simply share a formal quote with us and sit back with a smile knowing you are getting the best for less
  • Unmatched Service - call us 24/7 at 786.701.0700 to find out why


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