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Supply Chain

How to fix broken supply chains with advanced manufacturing

From back-to-back international holiday schedules, COVID delays, to trade wars and increased shipping fees (with longer delivery times) the global manufacturing supply chain feels like it's in a tailspin. As a business leader it feels like manufacturing and supply chain issues are completely out of your control...but, what if I told you we may have the solution?

Traditionally, the role of advanced manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D printing) has been focused on speeding up time to market for engineering teams, by allowing for faster product development with ease of access to iterative prototyping and design. When we could rely on our partners, either overseas or here at home, this extra speed on the front-end meant that your business would gain an edge, allowing you to get to market faster and more efficiently than your competitors.  

With the introduction of affordable 3D printing technology, it's possible to build parts quickly that have equivalent, or superior, mechanical properties to components manufactured with traditional techniques like injection molding, machining or casting.

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