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Private & Commercial Marine Vessels

How the marine industry can benefit from advanced manufacturing

The 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and 3D CAD technologies have advanced to a point that new industries can take advantage of the ability to design complex machinery or more robust structures that outperform the original product design.

Design for Fit

When a vessel pulls into any port in South Florida, 3DChimera has the technology to recreate a replacement in short order. Any component of the engineering or mechanical system can be 3D scanned, data cleaned and 3D printed in our headquarters with resolution down to 100 microns, ensuring a perfect fit. Never worry about the port running out of your replacement parts. Additionally, once we have your part on file, we can print and ship it anywhere in the world if you need it in a pinch. 

Restoration Parts

We work with a lot of organizations that run on out-of-production parts. If you have a vintage ship - we can manufacture the outdated components to keep you up and running. Our engineers will help you identify the best materials to maintain aesthetic while increasing durability in a corrosive environment. 

Just-In-Time Manufacturing

Large vessels often carry a machine shop on-board. The advances in 3D printing technology creates an opportunity for naval ships or cruise ships to leverage the smaller footprint of 3D printers and the decrease in waste material to fabricate parts on an as needed basis. Once the vessel’s machine shop has a high-quality print file - most team members can fabricate the replacement parts. Minor repairs can be made at sea, minimizing inconvenience of an unplanned docking or the danger of being stranded due to a mechanical breakdown. 


If you have a part or design in mind and it just doesn’t exist, we can collaborate with you to create and print the object. Customization applies to components large and small, as well as function and non-functional.

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