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Architecture, Construction & Interior Design

Being based in Miami, FL we often work with architects, interior designers and contractors who are working on amazing new projects ranging from publics spaces and sky scrapers to private residences. 

Our team has found a few applications where our Advanced Manufacturing technology can bring great value. 

Massing Models

In this application, our team works with the architecture firm to develop a STL file that is ready for 3D printing.  Often, due the the extreme scaling needed for 3D printing, this model needs to be built directly with the additive process constraints in mind...particularly the minimum feature size and wall thickness. 

Here are some examples of Massing Models:











Custom Construction Tools

When working on high end custom projects, there is often a need for custom tools, jigs, fixtures and even installed components.  At 3DChimera, we look at every project from an engineering perspective to determine the best way to take advantage of the 3D scanning, 3D CAD and 3D printing tools that we have at our disposal.  

Here are some examples of Custom Construction Parts:



Signage & Wall Art

Sometimes your space needs something unique to really make it shine, and 3D printing is often an excellent choice to make your a standout piece.  Our engineers can work with your team to develop a design that is optimized for 3D printing on our in-house equipment. 

Here are some examples of Signage & Wall Art:











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