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Product Development

The engineering team at 3DChimera is a fantastic resource for your product development needs.  

Our engineers are experts at operating all of the 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D CAD tools that you have come to love from 3DChimera...and they love to push their skills to the limits on real-world projects with our customers. 

Here are a few of the services that 3DChimera can offer to help take your product to the next level:

  • Mechanical Design 
  • Industrial Design  
  • Design Research
  • CAD + Technical Documentation
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Vendor Sourcing 
  • Manufacturing Support

All of our product development services are quoted on a custom basis, as no two projects are ever the same.  We offer hourly consulting and fixed-fee projects custom tailored work with your unique budget and needs.

Here are the typical phases of product development and the most common services that fall in those categories:

 Phase Description Common Services
0 - Fuzzy Front End In this phase we can help take an idea from a napkin sketch to a well considered product. 
  • Industrial design concept sketches
  • Comparative / Competitive research
  • Brainstorming session
  • Patent search
  • Product mockup
1 - Proof of Concept In this phase we can help you bring your product to life in 3D CAD and with our state of the art rapid prototype techniques.
  • Mechanical design + initial 3D CAD
  • Semi-functional prototype
  • Patent description & drawing support
2 - Concept Development In this phase we help you transition from a rough prototype to a well considered product, taking into account the ultimate manufacturing techniques desired for production
  • Mechanical design + fully detailed 3D CAD for all components
  • Sourcing off the shelf parts
  • Vendor selection
  • Bill of Materials - BOM
  • Technical drawings
  • Functional prototype
 3 - Concept Refinement In this phase we work with your team to iterate and refine the product design.
  • Mechanical design + CAD revisions
  • Functional prototypes
  • Mini short run production (typically less than 100 units)
4 - Manufacturing Transition In this phase we help to button up the final details for production.
  • Mechanical design + final CAD package
  • Part number assignment
  • Technical drawing release with revision control
  • Factory qualification and visits
  • Short run production (typically less than 500 units)
5 - Production Support In this phase, we work with your team to support the on-going production and manufacturing effort.
  • CAD revisions
  • Production 3D printing services
  • Outside vendor support, site visits, etc


Don't just take our word for it.

"Alex and his team at 3D Chimera are very professional, knowledgeable of existing and emerging technologies, and flexible to meet your Product Development needs. They partnered with our team on several initiatives and was our go to team in support of our fast pace timelines. I encourage you to engage with them on a program soon!" 

- Michel, Designer @ Fortune 100 Company


"They’ve helped me design and print over 10 unique pieces for my business. Every time it’s been great." 

- Christian, Founder & CEO of Miami-based Startup


"Over the years I have been working with 3DChimera and its team of 3D engineers to develop and give life to my ideas. I can say With 100% confidence, you will not find a more knowledgeable, experienced, creative, passionate, dedicated, devoted resource at your disposal than the team operating at 3DChimera. Under the guidance of Alex and his team the client will have the support he or she requires to bring the ideas or concept to a physical realization. There is no better 3D printing / engineering service I would wager than 3DChimera." 

- Roman, Medical Device Designer

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