How to reduce prototyping costs with advanced manufacturing

Prototyping is the physical manifestation of hours of drafting and discussion and kicks off the process to get a product to market. 

3DChimera is often approached by folks who only have an idea or a drawing of a product they want made. The drawing may be on the back of a napkin or a full CAD rendering. They need help figuring out how to make this drawing a physical object - and what route they should take. Do they take the well worn path of traditional manufacturing, send it to a 3D printing bureau or invest in advanced manufacturing to prototype in-house? 


Each method has its pros and cons - and often there are other parts of the process that you didn’t know about until you're deep in the weeds. It’s a classic “you don’t know what you don’t know” situation. We’ve compiled our best thinking and case studies here for you to jump start your journey. 

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