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4 Reasons to Prototype With 3D Printers

4 Reasons to Prototype With 3D Printers

There are plenty of great business reasons to utilize advanced manufacturing, especially 3D printing, to prototype your product. Let’s check out our Top 4 reasons…

Reduce Risk

The big question to ask your organization is, what is it worth to reduce risk to your company? How much would finding a major mistake your second or third round of prototyping cost your organization?

Advanced manufacturing can reduce the risk, and solve these types of problems, even those that are difficult to quantify. If you  think back, haven’t you experienced a time where a prototype could have identified an error before you went into production?

Speed Design Process

Through iterative prototype designs, we've had customers who have been able to identify problems BEFORE it would have cost them an entire container's worth of material that would have then been scrapped. With iterative prototype designs, you end up receiving exactly the parts that you expected.

Speed to Market

What is the value of being first to market in your industry? You’re working on something new. You can iterate faster. Your competitors are taking weeks to build their prototypes, and you're building them overnight. You're going to hit the market faster and that's going to give you a larger share of the market, right from the start. With 3D printing we can help you unlock your potential and get to market faster than you thought possible.

Lower Costs

Let's talk about costs. With advanced manufacturing, you're only paying for the part material. No real labor, little-to-no overhead. No waste material either. So you're getting more prototypes for less money. We think this is a solution everyone will be pleased with. 

So what do you do with those savings? Do you take that investment and make more products, sell more items, develop more ideas? That's one avenue.

Another avenue is more profit goes to the bottom line and helps a company grow. These are two of the options as you're thinking about your business, and you're trying to figure out the return on investment value for implementing 3D printing.


While these four concepts may be difficult to quantify, we hear from clients time and time again how 3D printing provided real value and performance to their existing output.

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