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ANSYS SpaceClaim is the premier 3D printing preparation and reverse engineering software tool for professionals.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is the perfect modeling solution for engineers who want access to 3D answers but don’t have the time or inclination to learn complex traditional CAD systems. It provides you with tools to accelerate geometry preparation and get to simulation sooner while eliminating delays between design teams.


Accelerate your Geometry Modeling with ANSYS SpaceClaim

ANSYS SpaceClaim is a multipurpose 3D modeling tool that delivers faster engineering results. This video will illustrate the many benefits of using it as a geometry modeling tool. As a result, engineers everywhere are boosting productivity because of SpaceClaim's direct modeling technology, ease of use, and unprecedented versatility.

Model Prep for 3D Printing with ANSYS SpaceClaim

Simplify models in minutes instead of hours or days.  Quickly modify and optimize any CAD file to reduce mesh complexity, repair mesh errors without the need to outsource CAD modifications.

Reverse Engineering with ANSYS SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim’s intuitive interface allows users to create, edit, and prepare models for 3D printing faster and more efficiently than before. With a new module, we upgraded functionality to allow users to work directly with STL files as well as leverage automated many prep tools for 3D printing applications. Custom bundles with special add-ons are available.

Lattice & Light Weighting

With the addition of the powerful SpaceClaim direct modeling technology, you can explore a 3D space without traditional modeling bottlenecks, then instantly know how well your design will perform. Discovery Live is an invaluable tool for light weighting as it offers rapid geometry modifications and an instantaneous simulation experience that allow for the design of structurally optimized parts. 

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