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3DC SLS Powder Recovery System

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The 3DC SLS Powder Recovery system allows you to easily retrieve powder from your SLS 3D printer for reuse. With proper care, your SLS printer should be capable of reuse 99% of the powder not sintered with your parts!

The 3DC SLS Powder Recovery system works extremely well for cleaning out the build chamber, as well as capturing powder that was used for support. 

  • Single-engine Vacuum (Stainless Steel, 4.5HP, 5 Gallon)
  • High Efficiency Cyclone Separator + 10gal Steel Storage Drum
  • Anti-Static Vacuum Hoses 
  • Quick-Connect Anti-Static Couplers & Connectors
  • Integrated Grounding Strap

With these components, the system can break up clumps of powder back to their original size (approx 60microns), and prepare the material for reuse. To reuse powder, you simply need to do a final sieve of the powder & then remix per the manufacturer recommended blend.

For example, on the Sintratec Kit with the Sintratec PA12 we recommend a mixture of 70% new powder and 30% used powder for each new printer refill. 


This system was developed to complement the PA12 parts printed off of the Sintratec Kit and Sintratec S2

Is is also compatible with all polymer powder based 3D printers (SLS, MJF, PBF, etc.) including:

  • Sintratec
  • EOS
  • 3D Systems
  • Prodways
  • HP
  • XYZ 
  • And more...

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