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Take Control of your Supply Chain with Additive Manufacturing - 3DChimera

Take Control of your Supply Chain with Advanced Manufacturing

It seems that every year is now the year of "Supply Chain Problems". 

From back-to-back international holiday schedules, COVID delays, to trade wars and increased shipping fees (with longer delivery times) the global economy feels like it's in a tailspin. As a business leader it feels like manufacturing and supply chain issues are completely out of your control...but, what if I told you that we may have your solution?

FFF: Nozzle Sizes Demystified - 3DChimera

FFF: Nozzle Sizes Demystified

Nozzles can be a confusing topic in 3D printing, mainly because it feels intuitive that a smaller nozzle sizes would provide for a better finish.  This is simply not true.

When thinking about nozzle size there are really 2 things to consider...

Does a Heated Chamber really matter? - 3DChimera

Does a Heated Chamber really matter?

The reason a heated chamber is important comes down to the material properties of engineering-grade plastics (think back to materials science class folks).