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How Strong Are SLS Printed Parts?

A question we often get asked is “How strong are SLS printed parts?”.

One option is to have your Sintratec Kit prints parts out of a nylon (PA12) powder, which is fused together by a laser. This method raises questions of strength, because the printed part is not a solid chunk of nylon. On the flip side, sintered nylon is surprisingly tough and holds detailed features well.

How much Can You Fit In Your Sintratec Kit? - 3DChimera

How Much Can You Fit In Your Sintratec Kit?

The Sintratec Kit is a compact but mighty desktop SLS printer that can be packed full of parts for printing. Since each layer takes about the same time, whether it's 1 part or 64 parts, it is more effective to utilize as much of the volume as possible. This means you can load up the build chamber to print overnight and it will be ready for cleanup and running the next day.  
Thinking Outside the Box - 3DChimera

Thinking Outside the Box

Many people look at the Sintratec Kit and believe the build volume is too small for their application. It’s true that the recommended 90 x 90 x 110 mm build volume would be too small to print many kinds of tall parts. However, there are still ways to print large parts on the Sintratec Kit!
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Desktop SLS for FabLabs, Makerspaces & Innovation Studios

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D Printers have been available for years, but typically command huge price tags in the $100k-250k range.  With that introduction of Desktop SLS 3D printing, a new era of 3D printing capabilities is upon us, for a price tag less than $6k.
Industrial Quality - What does that even mean? - 3DChimera

Industrial vs. Consumer 3D Printers

If you have spoken with us about 3D printing, you most certainly have heard us mention "Industrial Quality" when referring to our 3D printers from German RepRap, Makerbot or Sintratec. Sure, "Industrial Quality" sounds like something you want...but what does it mean?