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Desktop SLS for FabLabs, Makerspaces & Innovation Studios - 3DChimera

Desktop SLS for FabLabs, Makerspaces & Innovation Studios

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D Printers have been available for years, but typically command huge price tags in the $100k-250k range.  With that introduction of Desktop SLS 3D printing, a new era of 3D printing capabilities is upon us, for a price tag less than $6k.

Fablabs, Makerspaces & Innovation Studios are perfectly primed to take advantage of SLS 3D printing, as most of their customers and members are already experienced with the technology. Outsourced service bureaus, like Shapeways, have been the go-to place for SLS 3D printed parts...until now.  

Desktop SLS 3d printers, like the Sintratec Kit, allow for parts to be built out of real-world polymers including Nylon (PA12) and TPE powders.  The parts from SLS have solid walls for strength, but the layers are sintered from a laser so small details and features can be fabricated without issue.  Even more interesting, the process has almost no waste material, as powder used for support can be remixed and reused in the printer!  Since the support is just powder, complex geometries that were impossible with FDM/FFF style 3D printers are only a click away.


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