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Sintratec Nesting Software

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Save manual labor, valuable printing time and material by automatically arranging your 3D objects inside the Sintratec S2 build volume with the help of our industry leading Nesting Solution.


  • 50 hours of work saved

  • 47 kg of powder saved

  • 800 hours of print time saved 



High Speed:

  • Sintratec's algorithm computes faster than market-leading programs


  • Numerous configurations and parameters can be defined as required

 Made for SLS:

  • This software is custom-built for the technological characteristics of Selective Laser Sintering


  • Integration with the Sintratec Central software eliminates the need to switch between programs

Additional NEW Features:

  • Analytical tools, such as collision checking or density diagrams guarantee successful print jobs

Ideal for New Users:

  • The Sintratec S2 is now an even more powerful production system with this "hands-free" nesting software upgrade.

Packing Density

This new upgrade to the standard Sintratec Central Software allows users, with a single click, to automate the previously manual process of arranging and packing the build area.

Users are able to chose between different configurations to achieve - highest packing density or desired orientation.

Our Nesting Software solves these calculations much faster when directly compared to previous market leaders while setting a new stand in terms of density. 


    Packing density is a key factor in optimizing the throughput of 3D Production - especially in SLS, since no sport structures are required. The more densely the parts are arranged, the more parts can be produced in a single print job. 

    In contrast to conventional or manual placement, our algorithm can achieve 2X packing density (geometry dependent) and reduce the corresponding print volume by half. This results in reduced print times, less material usage and faster unpacking - increasing your throughput!

      Lower Your Cost Per Part

      The Sintratec nesting solution is the next step towards more efficient advanced manufacturing. This software upgrade is intended to make the S2 system even more attractive to print service bureaus and 3D Production. Short-run manufacturing just got better!

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