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Scan to CAD That Works Directly Within SOLIDWORKS

Mesh2Surface is a reverse engineering add-in for SOLIDWORKS that lets you convert 3D can meshes into CAD models. It provides efficient tools to generate surfaces and curves to help restructuring a professional CAD model. 

Save more than 50% on time and efforts over any other approach of doing reverse engineering in SOLIDWORKS by using Mesh2Surface add-in.

Mesh2Surface has been designed to meet the professional needs for:

  • Mechanical parts
  • Industrial design & Manufacturing
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Shoes
  • Goods
  • Entertainment
  • Animation
  • Toys
  • Cultural heritage
  • Healthcare
Why Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS?
  • Scan data import
  • Interactive selection
  • Reference geometries
    • primitives extraction
    • symmetry plane
  • Scan data align
    • align scan data in space
    • align to CAD
    • align multiple scans
  • 2D sketch
    • cross sections
    • fit 2D sketch entities
    • complex 3D shapes recognition
  • 3D sketching and best fit surfaces
    • 3D sketch on scan data
    • fit surface
  • Reverse engineering organic surfaces
    • free form modelling
    • automatic surfacing
  • Compare for accuracy
    • deviation analyzer

  • Import scan data as STL, OBJ, PLY or PTX file format
  • Mesh simplification and smoothing
  • Primitives extraction including symmetry plane
  • Alignment in space or to CAD model
  • Cross sections
  • Basic and advanced 2D shapes recognition
  • 3D Sketching with toleranced control
  • Fit surface
  • Deviation Analyzer
  • Free form and hybrid modelling
  • Snap to Mesh Technology
  • Automatic Surfacing

Mesh2Surface tutorial videos

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