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3DC Dyeformer Dye Mix

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Dye SLS and MJF Parts...the Easy Way!

The 3DC Dyeformer Dye Mix is a proprietary liquid dye that is optimized to work with the 3DC Dyefomer.

The 3DC Dyeformer Dye Mix takes the guesswork out of getting your SLS, MJF, SAF, SLA, DLP, MSLA and Resin parts to an even color and is specially formulated to dye parts without streaking or splotches.

For color dyes, the end results will be dependent on the underlying base material. 

How to Use with the 3DC Dyeformer:

  1. Fill the 3DC Dye Tank with fresh tap water to the fill line
  2. Open 1x bottle of the 3DC Dyeformer Dye Mix and Pour into the Dye Tank*
  3. Sit back and relax, you are ready to dye some parts!


Bottle Volume 16 Fl Oz
*Dye : Water Ratio - Grey Parts 1 Bottle : 1 Tank
*Dye : Water Ratio - White Parts 2 Bottles : 1 Tank
Dye Reuse Reusable up to 30 Days
Dye Life Approximately 10-20kg of finished parts,
dependent on surface area
HS Code 3204.13.10


Bottle Volume 16 Fl Oz
*Dye : Water Ratio - All Parts 1 Bottle : 1 Tank
Dye Reuse Reusable up to 24 hours
Dye Life Approximately 5-10kg of finished parts,
dependent on surface area

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