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Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit - 3DChimera
Sintratec Kit

Sintratec Kit

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The Sintratec Kit is the ideal first step into the world of additive manufacturing with this bench-top Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printer. Perfect for researchers and engineers alike. It is especially suitable for producing highly detailed and fully-functional prototypes & end-use parts. The printer can be integrated in any office setting or production environment, and is very easy to operate.

In addition to the standard Nylon (PA12) and Flexible (TPE) materials, the Sintratec Kit is an open-material platform. You can manipulate surface temp, chamber temp and print speed to work with materials of your choice.  It is the only desktop SLS 3D printer on the market which has this capability right out of the box!

Quality Matters:

Swiss manufacturing is known around the world for its focus on quality and precision, and the Sintratec Kit is no exception.  Built from the industrial quality materials and components, you will be able to look to the Sintratec Kit for reliability and performance.

The Sintratec Kit can print layers down to 50 microns (33% finer than the competition), and has a galvo controlled laser system which is 4x faster than any other benchtop SLS 3D printer on the market!


The standard Sintratec materials are best in class in terms of quality, and are significantly less expensive than competitors!

  • Standard: Nylon (PA12), Flexible (TPE)
  • 34%+ cost savings over competitors
  • New materials? No problem!  The Sintratec Kit is an open material platform

Customizable Parameters:

Do you want to fine tune your printer for a unique print requirement?  Are you interested in testing new materials or even developing new materials?  Good! Because the Sintratec Kit allows to you manipulate 10 parameters to get the perfect print every time.  These include:

  • Chamber Temperature
  • Build Surface Temperature
  • # of Perimeters 
  • Laser Pattern Density
  • And more...

History in the Making:

The Sintratec Kit was the world's first, and remains the only, SLS 3D printer that can be built by you!  Sintratec built is reputation on this product and created an entirely new category of compact and cost-effective SLS 3D printers, perfect for an engineering benchtop, lab or workshop!

With a vision to break down barriers between your mind and reality, the Sintratec Kit still remains the least expensive SLS 3D printer on the market today.  The Sintratec Kit is approximately 40% less expensive than the leading on the hardware, and put that extra savings into growing your business!


Need it now?

No problemo!  The 3DChimera team keeps the Sintratec Kit in stock for next day shipment.  If you are looking for an assembled system, we can ship in about 1wk (and often faster).


Build Volume (max.) 110 x 110 x 110 mm
4.33" x 4.33" x 4.33"
Build Volume (reco.) 90 x 90 x 90 mm
3.54" x 3.54" x 3.54"
Layer Height 

50 microns (min), 100 microns (std), 150 microns (max)


+/- 0.5mm + 0.5% of part length

*Note that tolerances may change depending on part geometry.

Minimum Feature Size 0.5mm
Chamber Temperature (max) 150C
Surface Temperature (max) 180C
Laser Power Diode, 2.3W @ 455nm
Laser Scan Speed 650mm/s max, 550mm/s default
Laser Life 10000hrs+ (spare part available for purchase)
Materials Nylon (PA12) or Flexible (TPE), 60 micron particles
Print Speed 1.1cm / hr
600 mm
520 mm
380 mm
Weight 28 kg
Power Connection 110V or 230V AC
Peak Power Consumption 1700W
State Upon Delivery Unassembled
Assembly Time (1 person) Approximately 4-5 days
Software Sintratec Central (included)
Safety Features Key-based interlock for the laser + automatic interlock with a door sensor.
Laser Rating Class 2 (w/ key + door switch for safety), Class 4 (laser only)
Laser Glass Rating  OD7
Certifications CE Conformity Declaration


Sintratec Kit Brochure

Time lapse of Assembly:

Easy Workflow, Design to Finished Prototype (with strength!):

SLS 3D Printing for Hybrid Materials!

In the News:


Why 3DChimera?

  • Consultative approach - you have questions, we have answers based on real world experience
  • 1 Yr Warranty Included
  • Sintratec Certified Distributor for the USA
  • Educational Discount for all requests from .edu email address
  • Volume Discounts when purchasing in bulk
  • Training, Support and Maintenance Packages available for a worry-free experience with your new SLS 3D Printer
  • 3DChimera stocks all spare parts, accessories, and materials for the Sintratec Kit in our Miami-based Warehouse
  • More than just 3d printer sales - we are additive experts, using this technology everyday for customers around the USA.  Bring us your challenging application, we love to help!
  • Our service is unmatched in the industry - call us 24/7 at 786.701.0700 to find out why

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