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In need of a special 3D printing material? Introducing the Sintratec Material Developer Upgrade (MDU). This software feature transforms your Sintratec S2 system into a powerful application development tool. 


Perfectly Adapted Materials

Evaluate, improve, innovate

Integrated into the Sintratec Central software, the MDU is a powerful tool for industrial development and experimental research alike. it allows yo to:

  • Transform new materials into applications
  • modify & adapt existing powder materials
  • Significantly increase research speed
  • Reduce time to market of your product

Go Beyond The Standard

Develop your own SLS material

Are closed systems blocking your innovation? The MDU consists of key properties to help you develop materials beyond the standard:

  • Adjustable behavior of software and machines across the toolchain
  • Over 100 configurable parameters
  • Unlimited freedom for laser strategies

No More Cross Contamination

With a modular 3D printing system

 Together with our S-Line products, the MDU enables you to evaluate multiple materials on a single system without time-consuming cleaning processes, as a Laser Sintering Station is never in direct contact with the moveable material core unit. Modulatiry ensures:

  • No cross-contamination of the sintering station
  • Simultaneous development of multiple materials
  • Easy material switch within seconds

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