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Desktop SLS - Can a kit really deliver? - 3DChimera

Desktop SLS - Can a kit really deliver?

The short answer - yes.

The Sintratec kit is not any old hobby 3D printer. This kit is designed by professionals, for professional use. The kit can be assembled in a couple days by any skilled technician or engineer. It requires no special tools and is about as difficult as that Star Wars Lego kit you built when you were a kid, or an adult, we won't judge.

The Sintratec kit delivers all of the power of SLS 3D printing in a small form factor (about the size of a microwave). It does not get super hot or require special gas lines for site preparation. If you have an outlet and some desk space, you've got room for this printer.

The Sintratec kit is an open material platform, so you can run any powder you wish. The system come pre-configured to run Nylon (PA-12) and TPE (Flexible). For other materials you can control build chamber and surface temperature.

We are amazed every time we see the finish on Sintratec parts - it really showcases the tiniest of details, down to 50 microns.


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