3DC and Local Surgeon Collaborate to Battle COVID-19

The team at 3DChimera has partnered with local surgeon, Roberto Miki, to develop and 3D print adapters to convert everyday snorkel masks to PPE.  The adapters are all printed from PETG and are sealed to be watertight.  For every adapter that is purchased, 3DChimera is donating an adapter to a medical professional in need.

Dr. Miki is an active contributor to the Pneumomask project with Stanford, and he is sharing the designs with medical professionals around the world to help battle the shortage of critical PPE on the front lines.


For more information, see the original article here: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/local-doctor-3d-printing-company-adapt-face-shields-for-healthcare-workers/2217060/



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