Sintratec S2 MCU
Sintratec S2 MCU

Sintratec S2 MCU

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The added benefits of having multiple Sintratec S2 Material Core Unit (MCU)

  • Integrated powder mixing function
  • Comfortable powder handling
  • Reduced downtimes


  • Cylindrical build volume with multi-zone heating
  • Integrated powder mixing
  • Modular and mobile - get an MCU for each material or for efficiency
  • Two internal powder tanks for quick layer change 
  • Integrated re-coating system


Build Cylinder (Ø x h) 160 x 400mm (6.3 x 15.8in)
Max Build Volume for PA12 (Ø x h) 130 x 360mm (5.1 x 14.2in)
Max Build Volume for TPE (Ø x h) 130 x 250mm (5.1 x 9.8in)
Build Speed Up to 2.4cm/hr (240mm/hr or 0.94in/hr)
Z-Resolution 0.1mm

+/- 0.5mm + 0.5% of part length

*Note that tolerances may change depending on part geometry.

MCU Weight Less than 100kg (200lbs)
MCU Size (h/w/d)

1.1 x 0.87 x 0.55m (43.3 x 34.25 x 21.7in)