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Sintratec Samples

Sintratec Sample Kit

Sometimes it is better to just get some parts in your hands to really understand the quality of a 3D printer.  The team at 3DChimera has developed these parts to do just that!  





Nylon Strength

The standard material for Sintratec 3D printers is Nylon (PA12), which boasts several impressive mechanical properties, including excellent tensile strength and high temperature resistance (up to 130C working temp).  The SLS process allows for all of this, while still maintaining fine surface finish and details.


Sintratec SLS 3D printers allow for the creation of complex geometries that cannot be fabricated from any other manufacturing or 3D printing process.  The secret sauce of Sintratec SLS 3D printing is the fine powder at the heart of the system – there is no need to worry about complex post-processing procedures or equipment.

Sintratec Sample Part

This part highlights many of the capabilities of Sintratec 3D printers, including thin walls, fine features, circularity, surface texture, undercuts and complex geometry.  Made from Nylon (PA12), this part is durable showcases the strength of SLS 3D printing on Sintratec 3D printers.


TPE Gasket Section

All Sintratec 3D printers have the capability of printing flexible (TPE) materials right out of the box, a function not possible one most SLS 3D printers on the market.  Flexible parts are perfect for creating custom seals and gaskets on demand.

Material Dog Bones

Sintratec 3D printers are optimized for Nylon (PA12) and Flexible (TPE) powders which were custom developed to work on these 3D printers.  The base materials are grey in color but can easily be dyed black.  The parts can also be post-processed for a production ready surface finish and can even be made waterproof.




Sintratec 3D Printer Comparison:



Starting @ $39,999

The S2 is the latest addition to the Sintratec product lineup, and it is a huge step forward for the SLS 3D printing industry.  Built upon a modular construction, the S2 system includes a Laser Sintering Station (LSS), a Material Core Unit (MCU) and a Material Handling Station (MHS).  With additional MCU’s the system can be optimized for quick material changes and short run production applications.

Build Size: Ø6.3 x 15.8in” (Ø160x400mm)

Materials: Nylon (PA12), Flexible (TPE)


Starting @ $5,999

The Kit is the product that started it all for Sintratec. It remains the only SLS 3D printer kit available on the market and is the most affordable SLS 3D printer in the world.  Selected by technical organizations for its simple design and configurable sintering settings, the Sintratec Kit is perfect for building functional parts or researching new materials.

Build Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.3” (110x110x110mm)

Materials: Open Materials + Nylon (PA12), Flexible (TPE)

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