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Material Focus - PA12 Nylon

PA12 Nylon

PA12 Nylon is a material printed on a SLS 3D printer (Sintratec S2 or Kit).  Here are some details about it:

Material Characteristics Color Options Finish
PA12 Nylon
  • Excellent for high surface detail
  • Extremely strong material in tension and compression
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance (up to 130C)
  • Matte surface finish
  • Appropriate for short run production
  • Best for small parts, rather than large parts
  • Grey
  • Black (Dyed)
  • Standard (bulk powder removed)
  • Waterproof
  • Dyed (black)
  • Bead Blasted
  • Polished
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Metal Coating
  • Sanded / Primed
  • Painted
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Download
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Download

Here are some examples of parts printed in PA12 Nylon:


Application: Standard Sample Part

Color: Grey

Finish: Standard

Application: Pressurized Fittings

Color: Grey

Finish: Waterproof & Polished

Application: Fastener Demonstration Part

Color: Grey

Finish: Standard

Application: Prototype

Color: Grey

Finish: Bead Blasted

Application: Aerospace Clamp

Color: Black

Finish: Ceramic

Application: Aerospace Clamp

Color: Metallic

Finish: Metal Coating

Application: Strength Sample Part (Supports over 600lbs)

Color: Grey

Finish: Polished

Application: Sample Parts

Color: Grey (top), Black (middle), Grey (bottom)

Finish: Blasted (top), Dyed (middle), Standard (bottom)

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