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Polyga FlexScan3D Software
Polyga FlexScan3D Software
Polyga FlexScan3D Software

Polyga FlexScan3D Software

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3D scanning software that powers the HDI 3D scanners for fast scan data capture and advanced post-processing capabilities.

Do It All In FlexScan3D

FlexScan3D is all you need to be more efficient at 3D modeling:

  • Capture 3D scans
  • Clean up scan data using advanced post-processing capabilities
  • Merge 3D scans into a full digital 3D model
  • Deviation analysis provides mesh-to-mesh comparison to determine accuracy level and for benchmarking

New Features & Improvements  v3.3.21.17

  • FlexScan3D's language pack is expanded to support Korean. Also, Japanese translation has been improved
  • H3 texture processing has been improved for more dynamic and smoother colors.
  • FlexScan3D now includes the DirectShow API in order to support more machine vision cameras (ie., Imaging Source Camera / DAVID)

Learn More about FlexScan3D:

Powerful Integration With 3D Scanning Software SDK

FlexScan3D includes a C++/C# API library and scripting functions for developers. Customize automated 3D scanner controls and data processing tailored specifically for your your applications.