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Reduce Your Tooling Costs With Advanced Manufacturing

Reduce Your Tooling Costs With Advanced Manufacturing

Is the tooling process a hidden money saver in your business?

Advanced manufacturing (AM) continues to deliver new benefits to traditional business models but expanding on its initial applications of modeling and prototyping. One of the next steps of that evolution is to tackle the process and costs associated with traditional tooling fabrication methods. 

We have shared success stories on our blog about creating custom, medical jigs and fixtures for injured wildlife. 

Further afield, in 2020, AdditiveManufacturing.Media reported on the culture change underway at the GM Plant in Spring Hill, TN as they embraced advanced manufacturing (3D CAD and 3D Printing). The first project - replacing a washer. The team was able to drive the cost down from $37 to 13 cents, allowing the concept of 3D printing to flourishing within in the plant. 

“That was when we realized we can now potentially replace parts instead of buying a whole assembly, and print locally instead of sending jobs out.”

- Chris Geddes, an employee of design firm Gresham Smith and embedded at GM

There are opportunities to create rapid and lasting change in your organization by embracing advanced manufacturing in the tooling process. If you have ideas, but aren't sure if the specs will work, reach out and the team at 3DChimera will help validate your concept against best practices in advanced manufacturing. 

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