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How to 3D Scan Action Figures

How to 3D Scan Action Figures

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and for many of us who grew up in the 90’s, there's nothing quite like the rush of memories that comes from thinking about our favorite cartoons, action figures, and toys. For one creative entrepreneur, this love of all things 90’s inspired him to create a new line of action figures that aims to recapture the magic of that era.


Brandon Braswell Recaptures the Magic

The entrepreneur behind this new line of action figures is a self-described lover of all the classics, from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Street Sharks and G.I. Joe. He wanted to work with someone who knew exactly what they were doing and could help him capture that magic in a new line of toys.

Thus was born the idea for "9 to 5 Warriors," a toy line that takes inspiration from the Saturday morning cartoon era of the 90’s. To bring his vision to life, Brandon Braswell knew he needed to retain the authenticity and attention to detail that was so important to the toys of that era. So he turned to Scott Hensley, one of the original sculptors behind some of his childhood favorites like the Ninja Turtles and Street Sharks, to create the action figures.

But how do you create high-quality, production-ready action figures that capture the look and feel of the 90’s without resorting to modern techniques like 3D printing and 3D scanning? That was the challenge Brandon faced as he began to develop the line.

Brandon Calls 3DChimera For Help

After searching far and wide, he found a solution in 3DChimera, a company specializing in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and CAD. The team at 3DChimera were able to utilize structured light technology to capture the 3D data in extreme detail and create a mesh file that could be worked with by 3D artists to create any type of geometry needed.

The end result is a line of action figures that captures the look and feel of the 90’s in every detail. From the classic design to the intricate attention to detail, these figures are a love letter to the era that inspired them.

For Brandon, this has been a lifelong dream come true. With the help of 3DChimera, he's been able to create a line of action figures that captures the magic of his childhood and brings it to a whole new generation of fans. It's an exciting time for fans of classic toys and action figures, and it's all thanks to the passion and dedication of those who refuse to let the magic of the 90’s fade away.

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