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New Releases from Sintratec at FormNext 2022

New Releases from Sintratec at FormNext 2022

Formnext 2022 is the world's biggest and most important 3D printing trade show. At the exhibition, one of 3D printer companies is launching three new products that will revolutionize the industry. Let’s take a closer look at these products and how they will change the 3D printing game.

The New S3

The company in question is Sintratec, and the first product they are launching is the Sintratec S3. This is their new Fusion module, which has a 30-watt power laser, making it three times faster than the previous generation. This module is perfect for creating a flexible production factory, where you can produce anywhere from a single part up to 500,000 parts a year. If you have ten of these S3 systems, you have total flexibility, and you can use different materials in each one. All you need is one material core unit for each different material type, and you can scale up your production line at an entry-level price.

A Larger Material Core Unit

The second product that Sintratec is launching is the Sintratec MCU 220. This is their new build module, which has a bigger diameter of 220 millimeters and a print height of 330 millimeters, giving you a total print volume of 15.2 liters. When used with the Sintratec S3 and the new material core unit, it is ideal for creating a flexible production factory. If you need more production power, you can easily add another material core unit or a second S3 system.

Both Metal and Polymer; One System

The third product that Sintratec is launching is the All Material Platform (AMP). This is a unique platform that allows you to produce metal and polymer parts from the same system. If you invest in a Sintratec system, you just need an additional debinding station and a sintering furnace, and then you have everything you need to start producing metal parts as well as polymer parts.

Nesting, Not Just For The Birds

Sintratec has also developed a unique nesting solution that optimizes your print jobs. With this solution, you can import any file and place it in the pre-kate. Then, you can copy it a few times to see different nesting options. The system automatically evaluates the best possible placement for your parts, saving you both time and material. This solution allows you to have a much bigger production capacity than any other competitor in the market.

In conclusion, Sintratec has launched three new products at Formnext 2022 that have the potential to revolutionize the 3D printing industry. With their flexible production factory and unique nesting solution, they offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for producing both metal and polymer parts. The All Material Platform AMP is a game-changer in the industry, and we are excited to see what other innovations Sintratec will bring to the market in the future.

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