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Techni Print Soluable Support Cleaner Concentrate

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The Fastest Support Cleaner on the Market

Fast - 400% faster with better results than all competitors.

Clean - No mixing, No dust, No masks, No residue on parts or buildup on equipment

Blue - Easy color indicating solution, taking out all the guesswork on solution life.

Green - Simple, 1 step processing of waste for easy drain disposal of liquid and removal of solid waste with no micro-plastic risk to the environment.

Techni Print 3D Support Cleaner Concentrate is specifically formulated for removing Stratasys SR series support material (SR-10, SR-30, SR-100 etc.). It is recommended for use in all support removal equipment. When mixed with water, one gallon of concentrate makes up 40 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

4X Faster

Techni Print 3D Support Cleaner Concentrate will remove SR-30 soluble supports up to 4 times faster than the leading competitive cleaner.  

No Guesswork

TechniPrint will change color from blue to white when it is fully loaded and ready to be changed. No analytical equipment or guessing required.

Bottle Qty 1 per order
Mixture Ratio 1 bottle : 10 gallons water
Indicator Blue = new, White = replace
Temperature ~70C for best results
Tank Stainless steel or glass
Agitation Movement of water speeds up results



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