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Mantis F6 SMART 3D Scanner

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Outstanding Long Range Volumetric Scanner for Field Use

  • IR light – enables work in any lighting conditions from complete darkness to daylight
  • Ergonomic rubberized handgrip
  • No scene preparation – geometry is deciphered by the encoding
  • 2 layer modes of operation: static and dynamic
  • Accessibility to hidden places
  • User-friendly – professionals can operate the system after a short training
Best For

F6 SMART is suitable for a wide variety of uses and applications in:

  • Automotive & Aftermarket Parts
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction
  • Archaeology + Cultural Heritage
  • Technical Room Scanning
  • Education & Research
  • Forensics

Rated as of the Top 10 Professional 3D Scanners from 3D Native


Fast & Robust

F6 Smart built to operate in tough environment and under difficult light conditions

Powerful image projection

F6 Smart 1.3 megapixel RGB camera use to capture high-quality images during scanning and Echo smart algorithm convert those images to a photorealistic mesh texture

High Accuracy

Professional – grade measurements: feature accuracy of up to 0.5mm and resolution of up to 1mm

Echo Software

A powerful scanning & 3D data editing tool, suitable for both professional and unprofessional users, both easy to use and high-performance software with strong denoise options and image projection mesh

Working Range 0.5-4m (20" to 14ft)
Max Accuracy (Max) 500 micron, 0.5mm (0.019")
Depth Resolution (Max) 1mm (0.039")
Field of View (Min) 510 x 670mm (20 x 26")
Field of View (Max) 4580 x 6070mm (15 x 20ft)
Ambient Light 0-50000 Lux
Frame Rate 8fps
Color Camera Resolution 1.3MP
Data Acquisition Speed 640000 points/sec
Eye Safety Class 1 (safe)
Weight 1kg (2.2lbs)
Working Temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

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