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The new standard in the compact class of industrial 3D filament printers – ideal for fiber-reinforced materials.

The TiQ 2, with an print space of 330 x 330 x 300 mm, is a 3D printer specially developed for so-called mass customization, i.e. personalized volume production.

Thanks to innovatiQ’s proprietary dual extruder technology, it is particularly suitable for processing fiber-reinforced materials. At the same time, it is very easy to operate thanks to the so-called SmartFunctions.

SmartFunctions in the TiQ 2 are auxiliary and operating commands integrated in the control system that make operating the machine child’s play and at the same time help to prevent errors. The easy handling makes the TiQ 2 a reliable companion in your production.


Our 3D printing systems are equipped with the advanced GestiQ-Pro control system -including the clever SmartFunctions-, making operation easier than ever.

Fully automatic system leveling.

Intelligent filament monitoring system.

The symbiosis of best possible process stability and highest possible printing speed.

Status overview of all machines accurate to the second.
Alternatively: OPC-UA connection to Arburg ALS.

Predefined stop function for seamless continuation after a required intermediate step (e.g. inserting a threaded nut into the component).

Plans material change within an infill structure to avoid any surface blemishes.


    Dual-Extruder up to 300 °C (+/- 2 %)

    FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
    Print Space (X/Y/Z)
    330 x 330 x 300 mm
    Temperature Printing Plate
    140 °C
    GestiQ-Pro with 7 inch touch display, closed loop
    Filament/Nozzle Diameters
    1.75 mm
    Print Speed 10 - 180 mm/s; dependent on geometry, materials, process

    recommended materials: PACF, PPGF, PVDF, TPU, PETG

    Voltage 230V European Standard

    16 A, 1,6 KW – approx. 30 % in continuous operation

    Weight 363 lbs.
    Outer Dimensions (W/D/H) 900 x 689 x 908 mm

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