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PETG Filament - 1.75mm, 3DC (LARGE SPOOLS)


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3DChimera PETG filament- 1.75mm

PETG, also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, is a co-polyester known for its durability and ease of use. The G in PETG, stands for glycol-modified, which makes the end product clear, having glass-like visual properties. It is often described as the “best of both worlds” because it has the rigidity and mechanical properties of ABS, but is still easy to print like PLA.

Developed from engineering-grade Eastman PETG resin with only virgin pellets and extruded right here in the USA, 3DC PETG filament is the best quality material for your 3D printer.  Held to the highest industry standards with a diametrical tolerance of +/- 0.05mm (50 microns!).

3DChimera spools are up to 25% more material than the competition.  We base our spool weight on the actual amount of material contained on the spool, rather than counting the spool itself.  You will not find a better material on the market, and certainly not a better value.

All of 3DChimera materials are guaranteed to work on every German RepRap 3D printer model and pre-developed FFF profiles are available for Simplify3D.  Each combo of settings is optimized for temperature, print speed, and support material / raft removal.

Buy LARGER, SAVE $$ with 3DC PETG:

We know that pricing can be confusing when you buy HUGE spools, since most folks are used to buying spools in smaller sizes.  The most typical size is 1kg for a "small spool", so we have included that comparison and few others that may be useful when considering the value/performance tradeoff of 3DC PETG.  We think you will be happily surprised when you compare this to other industrial grade filaments on the market.

 Spool Size % Savings Cost / kg Cost / lb Cost / cm^3 Cost / in^3
5lbs (2.27kg)  -  $43.61 $19.80 $0.06 $0.71
10lbs (4.54kg) 9.6% $39.43 $17.90 $0.05 $0.64
15lbs (6.8kg) 12.6% $38.09 $17.27 $0.04 $0.62

Advantages of 3DC's PETG filament

PETG filament is a popular 3D printing material for many reasons, but we at 3DChimera use it so frequently we decided to make our own!

  • PETG plastic is less likely to shrink or warp
  • PETG filament is often used when translucency is important because of its glass-like quality




Bed Temp (C) 60-80
Run Temp (C) 230-260
Modulus  2.1GPa (305ksi)
Tensile Strength (psi) 50MPa (7250psi)
Rockwell Hardness 106
Deflection Temp Under Load  70C (158F)
Density  1.27 g/cm^3
Diametrical Tolerance  +/- 0.05mm (50 micron)


Need a CUSTOM color?  We can do that!

3DC PETG is available in ANY custom color that you may require.  We can color match to a specific brand or application color to meet your needs.  Here is how it works:

  • Submit a formal request for a color match
  • Provide RGB values and/or a Pantone swatch (actual plastics parts in the desired color are even better!)
  • 3DC will work with our partners to whip up a color match sample 
  • Process takes 4-6wks and requires a pre-purchase of at least 40kg
  • Prices for all custom colored materials are the same as our stock materials, and will include a bulk material order discount.

To start this process contact

**Discounts available for bulk orders over 10 spools - call 786.701.0712**

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