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Other 3D Printers

At 3DChimera, we strive to offer the best quality professional 3D printers on the market.  We understand that this level of equipment is not always where our customers start their 3D printing journey.  

We have developed the following list of resources for customers who need help with 3D printers not offered by the 3DChimera team.  We hope that you find this helpful!

  • Facebook Groups
    • For most hobby-level 3D printers you will find a budding social network of users are are happy to help!
    • Search the name and brand of your printer on Facebook, and you will almost undoubtedly find a user group who can provide assistance.
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
    • It is amazing the wealth of information that you can find on YouTube related to 3D printing.  Type your problem and 3D printer in the search bar and you are likely to find someone who has run into a similar issue.

If all else fails, you are welcome to bring your printer into 3DChimera for service.  Our repair labor is billed at $150/hr + parts.  Be prepared if you have a printer that is not a stock 3D printer from 3DChimera, we will likely need to order parts for your repair which can take some time.  We wish you happy printing!!

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