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Inventor Resources

At 3DChimera, we know that all great products start with an idea...and it can be overwhelming to move from an idea to a production-ready product.  Our team is skilled at helping startup organizations develop products and optimize them for 3D printing or even mass production using other processes.

As you are preparing for this journey, the following resources may be helpful for you:

  • Fantastic Book - The Mom Inventor's Handbook
    • We recommend this book to all new inventors, as it provides a good guidance to the speedbumps and questions that come up along the way
    • This book is a handbook, so you can jump around to the relevant section
  • Local Makerspace - Moonlighter
    • Sometimes you need to work with your idea for a bit before it is ready to hire a professional design team, like 3DChimera
    • Located in Wynwood, this Miami-based makerspace has a team that is well-equipped to start you on your journey
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Our Mutual NDA can give you peace of mind when sharing your ideas with the professional team at 3DChimera
  • Patents
    • It is always a good idea to start your journey with a quick patent search - Google Patents is our favorite site

When you are ready to move towards a full product development program, the experienced team at 3DChimera is here to help. 

Just give us a call at 786.701.0712 or email us at

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