MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera
MakerBot METHOD X - 3DChimera


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Developed from the ground up leveraging industry leading Stratasys technologies.



  • Circulating Heated Chamber, up to 100C
  • Dual Performance Extruders
  • Dissolvable Support Materials, including Stratasys SR-30 for ABS / ASA
  • Dry-sealed material bays
  • Print engineering-grade ABS with no compromises
  • Removable spring steel buildplate
  • Ultra rigid metal frame construction
  • 5" full-color capacitive touch screen control
  • Network connectivity for hands-free printing
  • Automated build plate leveling system
  • Native CAD import - Solidworks, Autodesk, Catia, ProE/Creo, NX
  • Integrated camera and intelligent sensors for worry-free printing
  • Reliability - over 220k hours of testing!!


Engineering Grade Materials

With its dual extruders and heated chamber, the METHOD X is capable of printing a wide variety of materials right out of the box, including:

  • ABS - Engineering grade plastic, great for functional parts
  • ASA - Similar to ABS, with great properties for outdoor use
  • SR30 - Dissolvable support for ASA & ABS
  • PETG - All-around prototyping material w/ good chemical resistance
  • Nylon - Tough material with good strength and lubricity
  • PLA - The go to bio-material for sustainable prototying
  • Tough - A tougher bio-material, ready for challenging parts 
  • PVA - Dissolvable support for all materials beside ABS & ASA
  • Open Materials - The METHOD X is also available for use with any 1.75mm filament on the open market with the Makerbot Experimental Extruder. Current partners include Kimya, Jabil, Polymaker and Mistubishi chemical, with new material partners are joining the ecosystem everyday!

Exceptional Accuracy

Dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.2mm (0.007in) right off the print bed, in any Makerbot certified material, including ABS, ASA and Nylon.

“The dimensional accuracy that we're getting with the Method compared to any Industrial 3D Printer is as good or better.” - MARCO PERRY, CEO & FOUNDER, PENSA

Reliability & Automation 

The METHOD X is designed for use in industrial environments, where it is intended to be a workhorse for additive manufacturing.  The METHOD X was tested for over 220000hrs (equivalent to 25yrs!!) before it was released to the market!  

With 21 automated sensors, you can relax while your parts print successfully every time.  Here is a rundown of the sensors:

  • Material Bay - Temperature, Humidity, Material Detection, Identification
  • Extruder - Temperature, Material Detection, Jam Detection
  • Printer - Lid. Door, Chamber Temp, Bed Level Calibration

Sit Back and Relax

With the METHOD X there is no need to worry about concerns of other desktop 3D printers:

  • Bed Leveling - Automated!
  • Support Material - Dissolve your concerns away!!
  • Filament Run Out - We got a Sensor for that!!
  • Filament JamWe got a Sensor for that too!!
  • Environmental Temperature - Heated Chamber controls for that!
  • Material Mix-up - ID tags and sensors!!
  • Print Parameters - MakerBot Print has pre-configured printer parameters for all MakerBot materials
  • Humidity in the Filament - Our materials keep dry material dry, and we have a sensor to check that at all time...if it is wet, you can dry the filament in the build chamber!


Dimensional Accuracy +/-0.2mm (+/- 0.007in)
Layer Resolution 20-400 microns, Balanced = 200 microns
Chamber Temp 100C, circulating heat
Material Loading Automated
Z Calibration Automated
Nozzle Calibration Automated
Nozzle Size 0.4mm
Max Material Flow Rate ~50 mm^3/sec
Build Volume 153 x 190 x 196mm (6 x 7.5 x 7.75in)
Printer Weight 29.5kg, 65lbs
Printer Size  437 x 713 x 649mm (17.2 x 16.3 x 25.6in)
Display  5" full-color capacitive touch
Camera Resolution 640x480 pixels
Electrical 100-240V, 8.1-3.4A, 50/60Hz, 800W max
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Warranty  1yr included, extendable to 3yrs with support plans
Software  MakerBot Print + MakerBot Mobile (no additional fees)



Why 3DChimera?

  • Consultative approach - you have questions, we have answers based on real world experience
  • 1 Yr Warranty Included
  • MakerBot Certified Distributor 
  • Educational Discount for all requests from .edu email address
  • Volume Discounts when purchasing in bulk
  • Training, Support and Maintenance Packages available for a worry-free experience with your new 3D Printer
  • More than just 3d printer sales - we are additive experts, using this technology everyday for customers around the USA.  Bring us your challenging application, we love to help!
  • Our service is unmatched in the industry - call us 24/7 at 786.701.0700 to find out why