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ABS Filament - 1.75mm, GRR

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German RepRap ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) filament with a diameter of 1.75mm, on a small (750g) or large (2.1kg) spool, is a widespread thermoplastic material, which is essentially mineral oil-based. It is a filament with good heat resistance and smooth surface. In addition, it is characterized by its high surface hardness, strength and flexibility.

The ABS series from German RepRap stands for very good printability with greatly reduced warping.

Diameter 1.75mm
Print Temperature 245-265C
Bed Temperature 100-115C
Bed Prep 50/50 PVA Glue, Gluestick or ABS Slurry (ABS / Acetone)
Density Approx 1.07 g/cm^3
Volume, 750g 700.9 cm^3, 42.8 in^3
Volume, 2.1kg 1962.6 cm^3, 119.7 in^3 

Compared to other commercial-grade ABS filaments, German RepRap material is bargain!  Look at this comparison below with Stratasys ABS material (typically $205 / 42 in^3):

 Brand Volume (in^3) Additional Volume vs. Stratasys (%) Cost Cost / in^3 Savings / in^3 vs. Stratasys (%)
Stratasys 42  -  $205 $4.88  -
GRR 750g 42.8 1.9% $65 $1.52 68.9%
GRR 2.1kg 119.7 185% $99 $0.83 83.1%