COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera
COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera
COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera
COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera
COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera
COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield - 3DChimera

COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shield

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**Due to high demand, please allow for 2-3 business days production time for your order for quantities under 20pcs.  If you have an immediate need, please call 786.701.0700 to see what we have immediately available in stock.  Bulk Order discounts available for quantities over 100pcs.**

The 3DChimera Lightweight Face Shield was designed in response to the immediate need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals and first responders during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed for Family by Family

Like many, we have family members and close friends who are out working on the front lines of this pandemic as doctors, nurses, first responders and caretakers.  We designed this device for them, using all of our product development knowledge and expertise in 3D printing to make the best possible face shield design. 

It is intended to strike a balance between exceptional protection, ease of sterilization and quick manufacturing to help as many in need as possible.

Designed by Engineers & Doctors

Our team of highly skilled product and design engineers reviewed what was being open-sourced for the COVID-19 pandemic.  In tandem with doctors in Tampa, FL, we came up with a safe, strong, sustainable surgical shield with inherent quality control built in.

Sterilize! Reuse & Stay Safe.

Unlike traditional surgical shields and those recently released for mass printing in shops, this device is intended for repeated use and will withstand repeated proper sterilization between patients. 

If the translucent shied cannot be sterilized, it can easily be replaced without tools or holes punched in under 15 seconds. 

We recommend to sterilize all components with medical grade UV machine, per machine manufacturer's instructions.  If this is not available, the device will withstand a bleach immersion as an alternative.

Special Features

  • 3D printed bracket, one size fits most
  • Skin-safe foam on forehead for comfort and extended use
  • Elastic band to secure to head
  • Easily replaceable shields (less than 15 seconds, no tools required)
  • Shields fabricated from standard 11x17" transparency sheets, 10 mil
  • Printed in PETG, color may vary

Print Your Own

Production of these face shields is limited to our production capacity and that of our network of local 3D printers.  We know that many of you have access to 3D printers of your own, so we have made all of the design files available for absolutely free. 

  • STL file for bracket (540kb)
    • Material = PETG
    • No support or raft needed
    • Time = +/- 3hrs @ 0.3mm layers w/ 0.4mm nozzle
  • DXF for Faceshield (1.25MB)
    • Sized for standard 11x17" transparency sheet, 10mil
    • Corners can be cut off with razor blade and straight edge
    • No laser cutting necessary
    • PDF of Technical Drawing (37.9kb)

You are encouraged to share these files with anyone in need.  3DChimera authorizes you to sell these face shields to cover your costs at the same rates that are listed here.

Bulk Orders

Bulk Order discounts available for quantities over 100pcs.

If you are an organization in need of a bulk order, please reach out to our team directly for special pricing and production time estimates.  Contact Alex Hussain @ 786.701.0712 or