Meet 3DChimera

At 3DChimera, we believe that our greatest resource is our team. 

Based in Miami, FL, our team has decades of experience in product development, engineering and design and can help your organization bring new ideas to life.

AlexAlex Hussain
Co-Founder & CEO

Alex has helped organizations select 3D printers and 3D scanners across many industries, and conducts training in these tools with technical professionals across the country.  Since founding 3DChimera in 2013, he and his team have utilized 3D printing & 3D scanning technologies to help customers ranging from 3D scanning & reverse engineering services to new product development. 

Alex manages all aspects of the 3DChimera business – from technical support to project management.  Prior to 3DChimera, Alex spent over a decade as a practicing design engineer, working with companies including GE Healthcare, Samsung, and Lockheed Martin.


Solidworks - Professional, Mechanical Engineering
Solidworks - Associate, Additive Manufacturing

NedNed Bradham
VP, Business Development

With more than 25 years of experience, Ned works with organizations of all sizes and industries to select the 3D printing technology that aligns their unique technical and business needs with the latest advances in the field.  Ned also manages the 3DChimera reseller network, establishing partners across North America to provide local service & support partners for 3DChimera customers across North America.  Ned is based in Atlanta, and comes to 3DChimera having worked in senior level positions at industry leaders including Stratasys, Envisiontec and Autodesk. 


JulianJulian Cecil
Design & Application Engineer

Julian is our in-house expert for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing technology and in that capacity serves as our Sintratec technical support liaison to keep your Sintratec printers running smoothly. Julian got his start back in 2013 and brings those years of manufacturing experience, including machining, welding, and micro-fabrication, to every project. He designed high performance formula race car parts for four years, including a 3D printed intake manifold. 

Julian has an academic background in applied math, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering and can tackle a wide variety of projects. Prior to 3DChimera, he held various assistant teaching positions and was a graduate researcher exploring computational fluid dynamics simulations for cones in hypersonic flight.


Solidworks - Associate, Additive Manufacturing
Solidworks - Professional, Mechanical Design

MelissaMelissa Hussain
Operations Manager

When you call our office you will most likely be greeted by Melissa. She is on our front line when it comes to getting questions answered and logistics in order.  She enjoys tackling the administration that keeps our business running smoothly. Prior to working at 3DChimera, Melissa was a middle school science and math educator and curriculum specialist. 


Liz Loulan

Liz has over 12 years of experience as a marketing professional and is equipped with the knowledge and experience to steer brands towards success. She is always working to bridge the digital, social and IRL marketing divide and believes that Ernest Hemingway would have loved Twitter as a medium. Previously she has worked on the marketing and business development teams at global professional service firms, boutique consulting firms and in higher education.  

She is based in Portland, Oregon and in her free time you can find her on a road trip or reading a great book.  




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