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3DC Drybox - 3DChimera
3DC Drybox - 3DChimera

3DC Drybox

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At 3DChimera, we print a lot of different filaments. 

We found that some filaments absorbed moisture (i.e. humidity) quickly, making it impossible to create consistent 3D prints.  We thought..."there has got to be a better way"...and the 3DC Drybox was born!

The 3DC Drybox works perfectly for any filament that is hydrophillic (materials that love to absorb moisture), including:

  • PVA & BVOH (water soluble support)
  • HIPS (d-limonene soluable support)
  • Nylon & Nylon Blends (PA12, Carbon Fiber-Filled, Glass-Filled, etc)
  • Flexible Filaments (TPE & TPU)
  • PEI 
  • PPS & PPSU
  • PEEK
  • ESD-Grade Filaments

We find that just about every technical grade and engineering grade filament can benefit from the use of a Drybox, as it can prolong the life of any filament and provides for a neat and tidy filament storage & feeding mechanism.

The 3DC Drybox includes:

  • Air-tight storage case with integrated gasket and pressure release valve
  • Ball-bearing based spool-holder with adjustable tension
  • Color-changing desiccant packs
  • Color-changing humidity indicator
  • Teflon Tubing for path from drybox to your extruder

The 3DC Drybox has been extensively tested at 3DChimera with most major filament brands and types.  We have used the case standing up, on its side under the printer, behind the printer, and on top of our printers without issue.  Rest assured that this system is robust and will work in your unique environment.

The 3DC Drybox is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small - Sized for 750g-1kg spools
  • Large - Sized for 2.1kg & 5lb spools