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The Polyga Compact 3D Scanners are plug and play systems that capture high resolution 3D scans in less than a second at sub-thousandth of an inch accuracy.


Versatile Across Applications

Polyga Compact desktop 3D scanners are great for any companies, manufacturers, academic institutions, visual effect studios, and research labs that need accurate and reliable 3D scan data for visualization and measurement applications including:

  • Reverse engineering

  • Computer or robotic vision

  • Scientific measurement and documentation

  • Quality inspection

  • 3D modeling

  • Rapid prototyping / 3D printing

Easy to Set Up

Simply connect the Polyga Compact 3D scanner and install the included FlexScan3D software on your computer. The system is now ready for 3D scanning.

Capture 3D Scans Fast

nly minutes after setup, the Compact 3D scanners capture 3D scans with millions of 3D measurement points in under one second with high accuracy.

Intuitive To Use

The 3D scanners produce 3D scans from real-world objects with the click of a button. There’s no need to calibrate or recalibrate the system. Save time and boost productivity.

Take It To Go

With a sleek and slim build, these desktop 3D scanners make it easy to take along when travelling. Put it in your suitcase or travel case and you’re ready to go.

How It Works

The Polyga Compact 3D scanners take a 3D image of what it can see at one time. To create a digital model of the entire object, scans have to be taken from all angles. These components are used to capture a scan:

  1. Capturing Unit: The light source (LED light) projects a series of patterns onto the scan target. The light patterns become distorted when they project onto the object’s surface. Duo cameras capture these images and send them to FlexScan3D to process the information.
  2. FlexScan3D Software: The control center that runs the entire operation. It uses the captured images to calculate the object’s depth and surface information to create a 3D scan. FlexScan3D then cleans, merges, and stitches multiple scans together (known as post-processing) in order to create a complete digital 3D model.

Automate The 3D Scanning Workflow

When paired with a rotary table, Polyga Compact 3D scanners produce better digital 3D models faster than doing it manually (up to 3x faster). Simply place the object on the rotary table. With a click of the button, let the system do all the work for you.

Automation is a time-saver, especially when 3D scanning similar objects in volume. Reduce manual work and get amazing results every time.

Integrate 3D Scanning into Systems of Devices

With the Polyga Compact, you can quickly add 3D scanning capabilities to your operations. Each system includes a simple-to-use software development kit (SDK) and connectivity options. The SDK is available for Windows 10 64bit, with C++/C# libraries and examples. Export the output into a variety of common output formats (PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX) to accommodate different systems with ease.

You have complete control over all aspects of the 3D modeling process to fully customize the process to your needs.

Ultimate Inspection Solution

The Compact desktop 3D scanners produce high accuracy scan results which are especially valuable for quality inspection applications. For example, the C504 is the can scan an object size of 0.5 to 3 cm with remarkable accuracy at just 6 microns!

Get all the comprehensive 3D measurement data you need in one system to eliminate product defects during the manufacturing process

C504 Specs

3D scanning of extremely small parts of approximately 0.5 – 3 cm in high resolution and accuracy. Ranked 10 Best 3D Scanners by Aniwaa.


 Model C504
Type Professional desktop 3D scanner
(IP67 rated for industrial use)
Object Size 0.5 - 3 cm
Reference Objects Drill bits, screws, coins, rice, seeds
2 x 5 MP
Accuracy Up to 6 microns
Points 5 million
Scan Speed 166 ms
Field of View 13.2 x 12.1 -
15 x 13 mm

C506 Specs

Polyga Compact C506 is a macro 3D scanner that scans very small parts in high resolution and accuracy.


 Model C506
Type Professional desktop 3D scanner
(IP67 rated for industrial use)
Object Size 3 - 10 cm
Reference Objects Small turbine blades, PCB boards
2 x 5 MP
Accuracy Up to 12 microns
Points 5 million
Scan Speed 1200 ms
Field of View 45 x 27 -
45 x 30 mm

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