“PoseidonTap" - A Student Project For The Future

In an interdisciplinary course the team around mechanical engineering student Eric Hayoz developed a multifunctional tap attachment. To be able to construct the prototype in a timely manner, the students also made use of SLS technology.


A course titled “Interdisciplinary Product Development” was held in the spring semester of 2020, combining the mechanical engineering studies at ETH University Zurich and industrial design at the ZHdK (“Zürcher Hochschule der Künste”). The assignment: In interdisciplinary teams, the students were to develop an innovative product that was convincing both from a technical and a design perspective. The result had to be presented not only as a concept, but ultimately as a functional prototype. Mechanical engineering student Eric Hayoz tackled this task together with aspiring industrial designers Darius Spiess and Vanessa Karla.

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