NASCAR Cup Series Team Leavine Family Racing Used MAKERBOT 3D Printers to Produce Race Car Parts

Our partners at MakerBot have been testing the limits of the METHOD X 3D printers by putting their rapid design, prototyping, and custom, end-use part production pedal to the proverbial metal.

“We selected the MakerBot METHOD X for its advanced capabilities, which enabled us to produce better, lighter parts very quickly. METHOD is one of the most sophisticated units on the market, from the ease of connectivity––we can run all three of our printers from our laptop––to the advanced materials we were able to use––from ABS to nylon carbon fiber––to the heated build chamber that ensures print accuracy and repeatability every time," said Michael Leavine, vice president of Leavine Family Racing

Take home a METHOD 3D printer today!

Check out how the 2020 season went with a METHOD X in the driver seat.

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