A Speedboat Drive Made With SLS Parts

Luca Dalbosco is just 16 years old but as a diligent tinkerer he already uses 3D printing for his models. Within a few weeks he built a fully functional speedboat drive from SLS (“Selective Laser Sintering”) parts and is successfully navigating Swiss waters with it.

In the interview he tells us how he went about it.

Computer science enthusiast Luca Dalbosco from Davos is passionate about 3D printing and technology. He is currently a high school sophomore. Since 7th grade he has been taking part in a gifted education program, and the school administration has even provided him with an in-house FDM 3D printer.

Inspired by an internet video, in which a remote-controlled model ship was additively manufactured, he was captivated by the idea of a self-built speedboat.

Read the full interview over at Sintratec's website. 

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