RAPID+TCT 2019 Highlights from Detroit, MI

RAPID+TCT is the premier 3D printing event in the USA, and this year did not disappoint!  Hosted in the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit, the event attracted businesses large and small.  It was a great place to experience the ever-growing 3D printing and additive manufacturing community.

This year the 3DChimera team collaborated with 3 shining stars of the show - Sintratec, DuPont and DOW.  We were excited and honored to be invited to participate with these prestigious partners.

Sintratec USA Debut

This was the first time that Sintratec showcased their technology in the USA, and boy did they make a splash!  With one of the largest booths at RAPID, this new product from Switzerland showed that they are here to play with the big boys! 

In the Sintratec Booth, the tried and true Sintratec Kit was on display front and center. The kit is least expensive SLS system on the market and allows for incredible performance in PA12 Nylon and TPE.  It is also an open-material platform which has caught the attention of many material researchers and developers.

Of course, the Sintratec S2 was also on display for the first time in North America.  The S2 is a production-capable 3D printing system, with a modular design, allowing for quick material swaps and many other features only found on systems 5-10x the cost of the S2.  Reservations for the first batch of S2s in the USA were collected right on the show floor!

DuPont Performance Materials

The DuPont team showcased their material expertise, bringing new and functional semi-crystalline materials to the market. 

Ranging from their highly flexible Hytrel line to the incredibly strong reinforced Zytel (Nylon), the time for 3D printing fully functional end use parts is here.

On the show floor the German RepRap x500 printed live all three days.  Many lucky customers received a fully functional carbon-fiber Zytel reinforced bottle opener that was printed at RAPID.

Many of the parts showcased in the DuPont booth were designed and fabricated by the team at 3DChimera - we couldn't be more proud to see our work showcased in the booth!  

DOW 3D Printing

The the DOW booth, the German RepRap L280 was on full display for the public.  We met with many organizations who are interested in producing 3D printed functional parts from production-grade DOW LC-3335 silicone.



Got Questions?

No worries, 3DChimera is here to help.  Don't hesitate to reach out to alex@3dchimera.com with any specific questions.

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