Formnext 2018: German RepRap Presents New Products & Materials

Once again this year, Formnext will take place in Frankfurt, the European industry meeting place of the year for all those interested in additive manufacturing.

In Hall 3.1, Booth D40, German RepRap will be exhibiting at an even higher level this year, bringing its partners DuPont and DOW to Frankfurt am Main to show products from Fused Filament Fabrication, or FFF technology, and Liquid Additive Manufacturing, short LAM technology live on the surface. The FFF x400 and x500 machines will each print with the latest 3D filament innovations from DuPont™. These include, for example, the soft 3D filaments DuPont™ Hytrel® 3D4000FL and Hytrel® 3D4100FL as well as the very strong nylon material Zytel® 3D1000FL. In addition, the two new nylon materials (polyamides) Zytel® 3D12G30FL BK309, with glass fiber reinforcement, and Zytel® 3D10CF20FL BK544, which is carbon reinforced, will be processed live on the stand for the first time.

The L280, the first commercial 3D printer of the LAM series, will show interesting applications in the field of silicone elastomers. DOW Silicone supplies LC3335, a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) from the EVOLV3D portfolio, a material with hardness of 50 Shore A and mechanical properties when printed very similar to those when molded. The L280 3D printer can produce functional parts with mechanical properties comparable to those made with injection molding process. A total of two L280 machines illustrate the new LAM technology revolution (patent pending) to visitors, as it is already leading many companies to rethink their production chain. Not to mention the enormous time and cost savings by using this new technology in all areas of silicone production. Visitors to the fair are invited to discover the advantages, possibilities and ask any questions to our specialists.

Another interesting application example is shown by us this year is from Airbus Helicopters. Here, too, visitors may be curious why the helicopter manufacturer no longer wants to do without the unique additive manufacturing of the German RepRap 3D printers.



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